What can be called a travel?

A real travel is definitely not an all-inclusive vacation with a travel agency. For me, the travel is something definitively organized by oneself. I won’t introduce here the other divisions because something becoming a travel happens on the basis of subjective feelings. For one travel can be a bike ride to the lake 10km away, and for another a year spent in the Mongolian taiga.

For me, until I got more experienced in the traveling, a travel was considered as spending a few days in Vienna, a short trip to Berlin, etc. Now I wonder if safe two weeks spent in Ukraine can be called a travel? And ultra-safe Japan? Maybe, in this case, three weeks of traveling by car around the United States? It is difficult for me to answer this question. One thing is certain – no matter the time and safety level, it has an amazing adventure. Therefore, I decided that journey is a journey in search of adventure!

Wishing you many wonderful trips and beautiful adventures, I invite you to read!

Mt. Washington, cold and snowy
So far, the hardest climb in my life – definitely a great adventure!

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