In the land of the Moomin trolls – Finland

I moved to Finland in 2013. This was not planned. Although my husband and I planned to relocate, we did not take into account this inconspicuous country. It is not visible in the international arena, the media do not shout about it like they do about the United States, Germany, Russia, China and France. Just an outsider living its life somewhere at the edge of Europe.

My idea of Finland was so limited, as the cultivation of sugar beet in Mongolia. I did not expect to find something extraordinary there, to experience some adventure, or to try some knockout dishes. I ignorantly assumed that this country is too close to Poland to hide any surprises. And of course, as it happens at such moments, I was totally wrong!

After my arrival, I began to explore Finland just like a wild land full of little quirks, interesting customs, and unique people. Every day brings me another little discovery. I will tell you about some, just wait! :)

Finnish trolls
Charming Christmas Trolls

Traditional Finnish sweets + contest’s results

In Finland anyone can find an abundance of delicious, sweet products, for Finns are devotees of sweets. Most o them appreciate pastries. A cake at a family party or company event is almost mandatory. Also, smaller and major holidays are sprinkled with traditional pastries, which are often a combination of soft sponge cake and berries. Apples found their special place […]

Finnish Easter and the memory of a long-gone winter

Once again, I was deceived by the assumption that if a country is in Europe, its holidays and festivities look more-or-less the same as in Poland. Finland again surprises me, and positively at that! Moreover helps me in understanding, that I should not rest on my laurels, and watch what is happening around me. The more that during Easter in […]

Valentine’s Day in Finland

Do you remember my post from last year on Valentine’s Day? Since I currently live in Finland, I could confront theory with practice. It turns out that this country does not fall head over heels with the Valentine’s Day. In vain, I looked around and around in search of exhibitions decorated with tons of hearts, cupids and Valentine’s I was […]