What do you imagine when you hear “Japan”?

I was asked almost an identical question during my stay in Japan from our Japanese friend. Without thinking I uttered: “Cherry blossom, samurais and geishas.”.

Geishas? – he asked, surprised. – But you can find them only in Kyoto!

As I discovered later, many people have a much better idea about Japan than I thought. And I do not mean here only the fans of manga and anime, but an average person. The truth is that along with the fashion for Japan came a wonderful broadening of horizons of whole societies. Today, Japan is associated not only with cherry blossom, samurais, ninjas, geishas, sumo warriors, kimonos, sushi, and sake.

Today the country of the rising sun is primarily associated with rich culture and tradition, the latest technologies, temples, history, cuisine, lifestyle, tea, workaholism, and many others. Japan visited at least once every household giving the best of itself to everybody.

Bamboos in Kamakura
Bamboo forest in Kamakura

Personally, I think it’s worth it to take some good practices from the land of the samurai like respect for tradition, culture, and heritage. In addition, nature is nurtured by the Japanese, not only in their home gardens. Shared space is not littered, and the things lost are highly likely to be found exactly where they were left. Aggression usually does not take place – the interest is well camouflaged in many interesting ways… About all this I will tell you!

I hope that it will be a pleasure for you to visit Japan with me!

Partying with gaijins

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Delicacies from the Land of the Rising Sun

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