It is worth to visit Ukraine

Our Ukrainian journey started at the beginning of April 2013, and before we came back from it I knew, that I would put a report on it on my travel blog. “We”, because four people took part in it – our two trusted friends, my now husband and myself. With amusement we called it our Honeymoon journey, since shortly after our return we were getting married. Personally, before going to Ukraine I learned little about it. Maybe a bit thanks to that Ukraine was a very positive surprise in every respect: natural wealth, people, cuisine, and culture. And besides, it proved to be very cheap! Traveling to Ukraine was like hitting the jackpot!

Chersonez Sevastopol Crimea Ukraina
A walk in Chersonez in Sevastopol

Several friends told us chilling stories proving that Ukraine is dangerous. I believe that isolated cases of crime eagerly publicized by the media are not a reliable indicator of the safety of the country – and I was correct. Ukrainians are people willing to help (disinterestedly!), talkative, open, and friendly. Sometimes they start to talk to somebody, because they are curious about the world, and especially Poland, because they have distant family there, and contacting that family is often difficult.

Ukraine is not only about the Ukrainians. It is also beautiful, untouched by human hand natural spaces and landscapes, such as the Grand Canyon of Crimea and Crimean mountains. It is the architectural monuments, and beautiful cities like: Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Sevastopol, Bakhchisaray, Feodosiya, and many others. It is rich cuisine, which was impacted by the Russians and Tatars. In this amazing atmosphere everyone will find something worthy of interest. Feel free to read and explore :)

Waterfalls in Ukraine
Silver Streams Waterfall, The Grand Crimean Canyon

Lviv’s chocolate flavor

Although the day was quite chilly, Lviv’s welcome was very warm and sweet. But before we let ourselves fall into Lviv’s chocolate embrace, we went to the hostel where we stayed at our first visit to leave our stuff there. We were also hungry, so we immediately began searching for a good place to eat a great meal. Polytechnic in […]

Modern historical Kiev

After a short flight, we landed in Kiev. Unfortunately, we had no chance to spend in the city more than 12h – in the evening we had a train to Lviv. For this reason we decided to use this time as efficiently as possible, so we started to explore the Ukrainian capital from the old town. Monument of Yaroslav the […]