Church vs. Self-Awareness

Today I would like to present to you another part of Mr. Peter Listkiewicz’s discussion on religion. This time Mr. Listkiewicz discusses the question of the approach taken to the human consciousness by the Church, and the resulting consequences of being self-aware. Enjoy!

Transcription and translation:

It is said that consciousness is the religion’s enemy… is this true?

For the consciousness the religion is only a brake, because religion leads backwards and thus inhibits the growth of consciousness. A self-conscious human being does not mind religion as long as it does not try to interfere with his feelings, beliefs and private life. However, for the religion the consciousness is the enemy, because the one being self-aware no longer blindly believes in the claims of religion, and demands evidence. Religion does not like people who are self-aware, because it is not able to provide any evidence, and the entire mechanism is based on blind followers of the faith.

Is the development of self-consciousness synonymous to education?

Not always. We can meet both self-conscious illiterates and ignorant professors. However, generally speaking, education leads people to be skeptical, develops logical and clear thinking, constructive criticism and objectivity, which are very useful features helping in the development of self-consciousness, but also many times leads to atheism, which is negative. Scientific knowledge is fundamentally materialistic and directs self-awareness towards the unwanted materialistic direction. We cease to believe in God and metaphysical matters, which means that our knowledge is incomplete. We can call someone who really is self-aware a person who is not only able to sift the chaff of falsehood from the grain of truth, and live without illusions in the real world, but also to reconcile God with the discoveries and theories of modern physical science. In other words: on the one hand no longer blindly believes in what is being said by the religion, on the other hand due to what science says – his faith becomes conscious.

And this man is the enemy of religion?

Above all, such a person becomes inconvenient by asking too many deep and embarrassing questions that religion has no answers to, and wanting evidence that religion does not have. He/She ceases to blindly believe and undermines the authority of the clergy. If one still believes in God, he/she starts to look for Him elsewhere, outside of religious organizations. Should one hit a good source of information, obtain knowledge (which the clergy did not even dreamt about), he/she thus becomes too smart for religion. It ceases to practice, because clearly sees the whole scam lurking in empty ceremonies and sacraments. Stops paying and the same: is no longer a client of the organization. Finally, one moves away from religion and pulls others from it. It all makes religion see this person as an enemy.

We’re talking about religion in general…?

Yes, because all religions are going more or less in the same boat. Of course, religions are more or less expansive, but the principle is the same: the more blind believers, the better. Expansiveness of religion depends on two factors. The first is the idea that only the followers of the religion have the true knowledge of God, and that only their practices lead to salvation. The second factor is money. Muslims, for example, concentrate on income less because they do not have a central management system, which is something like the Vatican, and the central treasury. Muslim clergy lives modestly. Muslims are ideologists, whose main aim is to increase the masses of followers of Allah and his prophet. For Christians, especially Catholics, the most important are money, and preaching the truth about God and Christ is the under-cover for their real motivation. However, the under-cover begins to have more and more holes, through which shines the truth of the Church. These holes are formed in consequence of the faithful becoming better educated, enlightened and self-aware.

And in Poland? Is the growing exodus from religion meaning expansion of consciousness?

To some extent, certainly yes, because clearly we have more and more enlightened people, but in Poland the Church put down the screen to the side and stopped to hide its true face. It shows a sense of strength and confidence, and an increasingly growing insolence. The Church in Poland does not draw hands humbly for alms, as it happens in other countries, but calls for what he is “supposed” to get and gets it, and this in turn causes a further escalation of demands. Church for centuries hid their scandals, but in Poland ceased to be ashamed of them. Pedophilia and other sexual scandals are on the agenda, as well as corruption and other filth. Church places itself above the law and in fact the corrupt clergy treats Polish law very leniently. People are starting to see more and more, to rebel and move away from the Church.

Does the development of the consciousness of individuals and society threatens the Church?

Yes, because the development of consciousness increasingly reduces the number of those who pay money, and obey the will of the Church. That is why the Church for two thousand years has been trying to keep his followers in ignorance, because ignorance is the pledge of the authority of the clergy. Without this authority, there will be no obedience and the river of cash flowing continuously to the Vatican, will start to dry faster. This phenomenon can be observed mainly in Western countries, where Catholicism is not the leading religion and plays an indirect role. The Church is not able to win with consciousness. For hundreds of years, science disproves all the theories of the Church, but the Church goes further and further, repeating the same tale, with which the ignorant people in the Middle Ages were fed. Earth is no longer flat and is no longer the center of the Universe. The world has not been created a few thousand years before our era, and God is no longer the God of several countries inhabited by Jews and Christians. Jesus somehow did not return, and the Apocalypse soon will be created by humankind itself. Invented dogmas, Heaven and Hell, and other fairy tales of this kind, hardly anyone today believes that – even Catholic fanatics.

This means that the Church digs its grave itself…

In a sense, yes, because the Church’s teachings and ways of persuasion have not changed for centuries. The Church is unable to speak to the educated and conscious modern people. If the Church went back to its original, mystical teachings of Jesus, became more spiritual and began to follow the rules of the New Testament, it would have been renewed and stop his followers. But the Church will not do that, because it would mean restoring everything that had been twisted and falsified: from scratch would have to redo his theology, the Church would have to give up its wealth and start walking barefoot in a shirt like Jesus and his disciples. He’d have to, first of all, become meek. I doubt that this will ever happen. Church stopped at the time of slavery, feudalism and colonialism, and therefore does not recognize democracy and human rights to independent thinking and self-determination. The church’s force is based on people with low education and mentality level, and whose consciousness is limited to an awareness of the fact that they live, and they need food, clothing and shelter. This level of consciousness is slightly different from that of an animal, but that is the Church’s point to have a passive herd of cattle which unreservedly accepts any lie, executes any command, does not ask any questions, does not undermine Church’s authority, and does not try to discuss. The Church does not depend on intelligent followers – a priest has to be smart, because he has to intelligently manipulate people and strip them of money so efficiently that they will be unable to notice, that they had fallen victim of a common scam. “Religion is for people without reason” – said Jozef Pilsudski, or for people with very low level of consciousness. The effects have been seen in the last election.

That’s right… Recent events have shown the extent to which the Polish nation is divided…

The church plays a key role in the formation of this division. This should draw the right conclusions: divided nation, which is not one, is not only weak and lacks inspiration and creative power, but also sooner or later this nation will be led to social disaster. Examples can be found in the history of Poland, and the world. The Church also understands this, but in its own way. The Church also seeks to unite the nation, however, under the banner of the Church. Governments under the influence of the Church will lead our country [Poland] back to the Dark Ages. The evidence is clearly visible, and self-aware people can see it very clearly. Intelligent masses of people flow abroad, education is becoming more and more lame, culture disappears at an alarming rate, the media pull wool over people’s eyes and incite one against the other. It is sad that while the whole world is moving rapidly forward and builds a better future based on expanding the consciousness of individuals and large groups, Poland falls at a tremendous pace. The Polish nation may thank the Church and the dark politicians who signed the pledge and once again imprisoned the nation.

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