Valentine’s Day in Finland

Do you remember my post from last year on Valentine’s Day? Since I currently live in Finland, I could confront theory with practice. It turns out that this country does not fall head over heels with the Valentine’s Day. In vain, I looked around and around in search of exhibitions decorated with tons of hearts, cupids and Valentine’s I was able to find some traces of the upcoming Lover’s Day. This is what I found, and decided to post here with some commentary.

Valentine bouquet
On the occasion of Valentine’s Day Finnish florists make tiny bouquets. But don’t be misled by the overwhelming amount of tulips – the tulip in Finland is not a flower for special occasions. Among the flowers in pots orchids are the most popular, especially the white ones.
Chockolates from Fazer
Fazer is as usual minimalist and elegant – gifts from the exhibition in the company store.
Fazer Geisha
Fazer chocolate box which you can get at any store. This one is especially exhibited on the Valentine’s Day. Flavor – hazelnut.
This chocolate box weighs a kilo!
As you can see, one does not need to hold the title of the Master Chef to impress a loved one with making a pasta with pesto 🙂
Valentine's presents
A gift for Valentine’s Day does not necessarily have to be edible.
Valentine's Day exhibition
One doesn’t have to be deadly serious either 😉
Finnish Valentine's Day
It sometimes happens that one can find everything in one place.
Finland and the Lover's Day
The richest valentine shop exposition I was able to find.

Finns love sweets. Therefore, chocolates for Valentine’s Day are in abundance 😉

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