About my dreams

The purpose of this page is to report on the progress of the realization of my dreams πŸ™‚ It is said, that this type of exhibitionism is quite motivating πŸ˜‰

Dream: to visit every country at least once in a lifetime

[wp-visited-countries]Up till now, I’ve been to {num} countries of {total}! This gives {percent} of all countries in the world! There is plenty to see still! :)[/wp-visited-countries]

Dream: to travel through Mongolia on a horse

Steps required to make this dream come true:

  1. get to know the country’s culture (in progress)
  2. learn Russian (in progress)
  3. master my horse-riding skills
  4. improve my physical abilities (in progress)
  5. improve height endurance
  6. learn survival theory in general, and techniques that may apply to Mongolia’s natural environment
  7. learn survival techniques in practice
  8. get to know the experiences of those who did this before me (in progress)
  9. plan the costs
  10. buy equipment
  11. buy tickets
  12. get there… πŸ™‚

Dream: to write a book

Steps required to make this dream come true:

  1. find an interesting topic (done)
  2. look for data – if applicable (in progress)
  3. start writing
  4. proofread
  5. give the draft to some friends for feedback
  6. correct errors and make improvements
  7. find a publisher or give it for free