This is me :)

Briefly, and straight to the point!

Justyna Maserak in Kamakura, Japan
Kamakura, Japan

My name is Justina Maserak. I was born in the year 1988 (Chinese Dragon’s year!). I come from Greatherpoland, from a small town near Poznań – Kostrzyn (no, this is not the one with the Woodstock Festival). I like:

  • meeting new people, and spending time with those whom I already know,
  • travelling,
  • reading and writing,
  • practicing sport,
  • playing on-line computer games (LoL is the king at the moment),
  • listening to music, and going to concerts,
  • cooking and eating, eating and cooking,
  • taking care of animals,
  • sharing with others,
  • and, most of all, learning!

I really dislike:

  • talking about myself (that’s why this description is so short),
  • absurd, if it is not preceded by, for ex., a word like “Theatre” (see: The Theatre of the Absurd),
  • rudeness and disrespect,
  • hatred towards otherness,
  • TV, and media’s hogwash,
  • fanaticism and stupidity (those two too often go together).

My Dreams:

  1. To travel through Mongolia on a horse.
  2. To visit every country at least once in a lifetime.
  3. To write a book 😉

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog! 🙂

Justyna Maserak - canoeing down the Odra river in Wrocław
Canoeing down the Odra river in Wrocław, Poland