About the blog

Something like a “Mission and Vision”.

This blog had been created as one of the products of my numerous passions. The inspiration for this project to be born were readership, the drive to perfect my writing skills, travels, cultures, and people. The World is beautiful, colorful, and diverse. Furthermore, adventure awaits just around the corner (one just needs to take a closer look). Nevertheless, my life is too short for me to experience the World to the extent I desire.

When creating admiring-diversity I was hoping, that many people would find here some interesting or new for them content, which would add some value to their knowledge, widen their horizons, as well as sensitize to, sometimes subtle, cultural differences. I would be honored if my blog inspired at least one traveler to start their journey. I have tried, am trying, and will try to present diverse, honest and reliable information regulalry.

Moreover, I hope, that I will have enough time to keep this place in the desired shape.

This blog’s motto:

Don’t waste time on lack of knowledge and respect! 🙂

Of course, I am also open to propositions of participation of other passionate people, who are amazed by the reality surrounding them. Feel strongly encouraged to check the page “co-authorship”.

Measureable goals to achieve:

  1. 1000 unique visitors in a month
  2. 100 comments
  3. 100 posts
  4. 10 co-authors

Goals achieved:

  1. 100 unique visitors in a month (November 2013)
  2. 250 unique visitors in a month (March 2014)
  3. 500 unique visitors in a month (March 2014)