Dear Reader!

If you would wish to participate in the act of this site’s creation by adding valuable, professional texts, please feel welcome. I will gladly publish every single word, sentence, or paragraph of yours, if you will create those according to the below criteria:

  • the topic will be presented as objectively as possible – not tendentious, without prejudice; please note, that this is not tantamount to not expressing one’s opinions and ideas – each opinion is valuable; if the composition is not created to prove the opinion by all means, but is a natural consequence of the author’s interpretation after the objective information has been presented, your text will be surely published
  • the text will have all sources of information listed – at least one checked, credible and reliable source; books, newspapers, periodicals, journals, documentaries, radio auditions, etc.
  • the text will be cultural and appropriate – without rudeness, obscenity, prejudice, stereotypes (unless this is the subject of your composition, and you would like to present information regarding their origin, like historical background)

All sent texts, which do not apply to the above criteria will not be published (there is a one exception to this rule: if during the reading I will laugh to tears, the text will be published in the royal category “Funnies”).

Should you like to become a co-author, please send your text using the form in the ”contact” page. The most active users will be granted special accounts, and will receive their own ”about me” page (the general one will be renamed then to “about us”).

You can also, if you do not feel to be the best in writing, send a suggestion of topic along with sources (optional). This will be realized as soon as possible. Please send your suggestions using the contact form provided here.

Please be aware that you will never be limited by any deadlines – writing here should be a pleasure, it should give joy and satisfaction. Therefore, it is up to you what you will write about, and when. It is not a job – it is passion! 🙂

Feel invited!