Be sure to find out how does New York City taste like

I have never hidden that I love to eat. For this reason, while being abroad I try everything rustic and within my finance range. From times immemorial I identified New York with the taste of steak and fries, which was quite an accurate representation. However, had a wonderful opportunity to learn, that this great city offers so much more goodies […]

Delicacies from the Land of the Rising Sun

When I visit a country, I like to know how does it taste like. Typically, before traveling, I obtain knowledge about the typical delicacies of the culture I am about to visit. When I am there already, I visit the restaurants, pubs, street stalls or even grocery stores. Although I did not find any Japanese crazy-flavored KitKat’s limited edition, the […]

Natto – fermented soybeans

It does not sound delicious, does it? Moreover, it looks just as tasteless… To many nations of the world as disgusting as Natto may sound: pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut, “Russian” dumplings or cottage cheese (it is rumored that the Japanese do not like cottage cheese). Beautiful soybeans 🙂 Natto is a product not well known outside of Japan, and is one […]