Religion – a piece of the truth

New Year starts with the next video-discussion by Mr. Listkiewicz. This time, he will present his views on religion as a tool, which too often is used for nonreligious purposes. Moreover, he divagates on the relationship between the mind and consciousness, which is often disrupted. Have you ever had a similar impression? Transcription and translation: The Catholic Church claims that […]

Church vs. Self-Awareness

Today I would like to present to you another part of Mr. Peter Listkiewicz’s discussion on religion. This time Mr. Listkiewicz discusses the question of the approach taken to the human consciousness by the Church, and the resulting consequences of being self-aware. Enjoy! Transcription and translation: It is said that consciousness is the religion’s enemy… is this true? For the […]

A few words about sin

Thanks to my friend I had an opportunity to see the videos of Mr. Peter Listkiewicz, lead blogger for the website Studio Za Próg. While I do not quite agree with all the views presented by him, I think that his recordings are quite solid and can make at least few people sensitive to certain issues. Therefore, I decided to […]