Kamakura’s Temples

Kamakura is a place with a rich history. The more, that for about 140 years it was the capital of Japan. It is located in the Kanagawa prefecture between the mountains: Genji, Rokkokuken, Ohira, Jubu, Tendai, Kinubari. Thus, around the city one can find many hiking trails of various difficulty levels. With great weather and a little bit of luck, […]

Fuji – with humility to nature’s forces, and love of culture

Fuji is 3 776 m high, and, when the weather is nice, it is visible even from Tokyo – those occurrences do not escape the attention of the Japanese who on such occasions take many pictures of the mountain. This highest mountain of Japan is also an active volcano, although the last eruption occurred in the eighteenth century. Fuji was […]

The Odawara Castle, and dangerous routes of Hakone

We went to Kanagawa prefecture by train from Yokohama. The Kanagawa prefecture offers a lot of rich historical sites and charming places. In addition to Hakone and Odawara, it is worth seeing at least Kamakura and Enoshima (I will also write about them in the future). Beautiful castle in Odawara We reached Odawara quickly and efficiently – in accordance with […]