Sevastopol – military and historical jewel of the Crimean Black Sea

With backpacks on our backs and full of travelers’ enthusiasm we got on the minibus from Bakhchisarai to Sevastopol. The travel went smoothly and in a pleasant atmosphere enriched with sounds flowing from the Ukrainian radio. Also, the views were beautiful and interesting. It’s funny to discover that what in Poland is considered to be “passé”, in Ukraine is still […]

Polish traces in Ukrainian Bakhchysaray

Bakhchysaray was originally a Tatar city – things changed after wars with Russia and the Russian occupation. Bakhchysaray is currently a Crimean touristic town witn population of less than 34,000 inhabitants – in addition, the Tatars became a minority. The main tourist points are the Palace of the Crimean Khans, Tahtali-Jami Mosque, Uspensky Cave Monastery and rock cities: Chufut – […]

How did I prove that I am Swabian, without saying a single word?

Upon our arrival at Simferopol, we found out that leaving the train wagon does not mean the end of adventures and attractions in beautiful Ukraine. To get to our destination – Bakhchysarai – we had to change to either the next train or bus. Unfortunately, the train departures in this direction were quite rare, so the only option left was […]