Hyvää Joulua! – about Christmas in Finland

Probably many of you during the publication of this post will be halfway through the preparations for Christmas dinner. It is possible that part of my readers will be buying last gifts or quietly packing presents for their loved ones. I, at that time, will be collecting information that will help me in creating more interesting posts especially for you. […]

Finnish Independence Day

Publishing this post today is not a coincidence. On December 6, when the world celebrates Saint Nicholas Day, Finns celebrate their Independence Day. Living in Finland I could not possibly do not write about it on my travel blog, could I? 😉 Historical Background of Finland’s independence Finland lost its independence as a result of the second crusade in 1249, […]

Vappu: 1st of May in Finland

And it happened. Today, on the 7th of May 2013 on admiring-diversity first guest post appeared! I invite you to read the correspondent’s story from Finland… History of Vappu This feast was celebrated already in pagan times, and was also known as the May Day. During the Christianization of Europe, the holiday, like many other pagan festivals (now Christmas, Easter […]

Scandinavian Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, called also “the Lovers’ Day”, is the world’s best known holiday. This day is often accused of being a commercial holiday designed to fill in the gap between Christmas and Easter. Although the majority of people feel deep resentment against the media and traders, which intensely conduct a battue before the holiday, it cannot be denied that almost […]