Divine Crisis’ Solution

After Susano’s deeds, Amaterasu hid in the “Heavenly Rock Cave” (Ama-no-iwato). Due to this, Earth and High Plains of Heaven plunged into darkness – this resulted in the rice fields laying fallow, and the Earth being plagued by various disasters. Seeing what was happening, eight hundred gods met by the Celestial River to devise a plan to lure Amaterasu out of her hiding place. The image below shows a temple erected in front of the cave where it is believed that the Goddess hid herself – Ama no Iwato Jinja.

Świątynia Bogini Słońca Amaterasu Ama no Iwato Jinja
Ama no Iwato Jinja

The most eminent idea was proposed by Omori-kane, Takamimusubi’s son famous for his wisdom, who has been seconded to solve the problem, when the crowing of cocks did not bring the desired effect of the goddess Amaterasu emerging from her hiding place. The first part of the plan was to construct from the branches of the sacred tree Sakaki a magic mirror. Once that was done, two gods took the mirror and stood near the entrance to the cave. Furthermore, a third one went into hiding so that Amaterasu could not notice him looking when looking from the inside of the cave. When the preparations were completed, a liturgical ceremony started with magical items and goddess called Ama-no-uzume who performed an erotic dance for all the gods and goddesses.

When Ama-no-uzume threw off her clothes, the gods began to laugh so loud that it shook the heavens like an earthquake. As expected, the laughter aroused Amaterasu’s curiosity, so she has decided to look out of the cave. As soon as she repealed the stone blocking the entrance to the cave, the gods holding the mirror set up in front of her. Fascinated by her own reflection, the Goddess of the Sun came out of her shelter. At this very moment the hidden god grabbed her firmly by the arm and dragged away from the cave so that she could not return to it. Another one blocked the stone at the cave’s entrance with the help of a magic rope to prevent its movement. In this way the crisis was resolved – Amaterasu returned to her palace.

After this, the gods have debated long over the fate of the offender Susano. It was decided that his nails and beard should be cut, he should be exiled from the High Plains of Heaven, and submit a thousand tables of offerings.


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